An FFC grant is a grant for people affected by cancer in the Portsmouth and Southampton areas

This grant can be used to cover a wide range of needs.

This can include things such as household costs, a memorable time with the family (family meal, day trip or a visit to family), clothing or household items such as white goods, essential house maintenance or small adjustments.


You can apply for a FFC grant if you have cancer or are still affected by your illness or treatment. You will need to provide evidence of your cancer diagnosis such as a letter from your Doctor/hospital. This will be acknowledged and returned to you.

> Who can apply for a FFC Grant?


•    People who have cancer and are on a low income with little savings.

•    Grants are given to patients of all ages

•    Grants will also be given to people who previously had cancer and are now suffering from cancer related disabilities.


> How much can FFC give?


FFC have limited funds available and the majority of grants are small.All applications are considered and FFC will help where they can.

Grants are limited to 1 per person, this will ensure that we help as many people as we can.


> Financial Information


All Applications are means tested, this ensures that grants are given to people who require them the most.


To be eligible for a FFC Grant you must fall within the criteria below


•    Live in the area that is served by the Portsmouth or Southampton Hospital NHS Trust

•    Have lived in the area for over 5 years. If now living outside this area evidence is required such as supporting letter or evidence of a utility bill/council tax.

•    Have savings under £6000 if single, or £8000 as a couple or family

•    Your household disposable income per week after Mortgage, Rent & Council Tax, is under:

-    £170 for a single person

-    £289 per couple

-    £85 per child (Family)

-    £119 for each additional adult working (only when their income is relevant to the request

​Evidence of income is required by wage slip or by all bank statements.


> How are grants sent out?


If you are successful with your application, grants will be sent directly to the patient in the form of a cheque.

If the grant is for a person aged under 18 the cheque will be madepayable to the parent or guardian.


Additional details can be found in the documents below. Please click on the links to individually download the two files. The documents will guide you through the application process.

FFC Grant process.Doc.


Information on the process that both yourself and the FFC panel will follow during the application

FFC Grant Form.Doc


The document that all your details and information needs to be added to, before applying.