FFC Southampton was formed in 2015. We had been looking for the ability to expand the Football for Cancer brand into other nearby areas. FFC have been lucky enough to find a group of people willing to go the extra mile and help set this event up in Southampton. The aim of this expansion is to generate more money for FFC and start to help those affected by Cancer in the Southampton area. One of the amazing people involved has written a few words about what it means to him to be a part of this charity.


Bens Story :

On the 22nd of April 2015 I met Raymond Ogilvie at the Hampshire cup final. Ray came to me with a proposal, he asked me if i would be interested in running a charity tournament in Southampton. He explained the success that our neighbouring city Portsmouth had acheived. It was a lot to take in at the time so i suggested we swap numbers and speak later on.

Weeks went by, we spoke on the phone numerous times and then met up to discuss what could be created. What should have been a 5 to 10 minute chat turned into something a little more. I instantly brought into this man sat in front of me. His passion, the charity and the vision for Southampton had me thinking. So we agreed to push it on ....

It was also about timing for me. I'd been recently surrounded by two guys that had recently had their lives turned upside down and changed forever. First of all Joe Bell, one of the nicest fellas i know. Unfortunately Joe lost his father Terry who used to come and watch every week at Hamble club fc, he was such a nice bloke. He loved his football and it came as a huge shock to the lads at the club who had becomes friends with Joe. Secondly i worked with Barry Clements, another top chap. Barry had recently lost his step brother 'Reece Davis' aged just 21. I was stunned when i heard this devastating news.


Raising money to help local families that have been affected by this disease is the main focus of this charity. Helping families around me immediately had my complete backing. the cure is one thing, that is a completely different fight all together. Supporting those struggling around us, helping to relieve them of any financial pressures of everyday life, minimising their stresses and worries. These small gestures make a huge difference to their lives enabling them to focus on their recovery.


So the plan was in 2016 we launch FFC Southampton... and today we are here.

The Southampton team behind the scenes is made up of some amazing people. One such person is Vicky Marchant, here are some words from Vicky about what FFC means to her.

"Hi .. I have been involved with FFC since my husband Scott helped set it up in Southampton is 2015.

Cancer has affected us a lot as a family so it felt right to be part of something that gives back to those suffering and their families, and as FFC gives directly to our local community it was the perfect charity to get involved in.

I do what I can to ensure all the players have what they need to get started often helping them setup their 'JustGiving' pages and have recently been co-ercing others into taking part in the FFC skydive.


I arrange raffle prizes, activities for match days such as the chocolate tomobola and have gone shop to shop collecting donations. At Christmas I along with two other volunteers took over 200 selection boxes and sweet tubes up to the Pam Brown childrens ward at Southampton General hospital, these were greatly received.

We had a lovely email from the charity coordinator thanking us for the donations which they said, ensured every child which visited over the Christmas period had received something.

Its the little things like this that makes volunteering for FFC so worthwhile"


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