Fight for Cancer was started in 2015. Initially we shared the ring with the great guys at the Oakley Waterman foundation. The whole event was a great success and as such we are now entering our fourth year of the event.

The night is held at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth and the charity is very proud of the great feedback that this event gets each time.

The effort each fighter puts in, and the staggering amounts of money that get raised each year help this event grow and grow each time.

Each year around 20 fighters and support staff train for 12 weeks to be ready to give their best at the event. Each year we raise more and more money for FFC. Fight for Cancer is something we are very proud of, if you would like to get involved please use the contact page and let us know how you can help.

Training wise, the sessions are now consisting more of putting into practice the skills picked up during the training camp. There is a respect towards everyone who is in this for the same cancer fighting cause. Each boxer is trying to second guess who their opponent will be, trying to identify weaknesses in possible opponents defence, but even though they will be facing each other across the ring on fight night, there is a real camaraderie that exists in the group with friendships being made that will last for many years to come.

Fight for Cancer would like to thank, every boxer, coach, member of the support team, all our sponsors, anyone who buys a ticket and anyone who is kind enough to donate to our boxer’s. Without the dedication and generosity of everyone involved in this event, FFC cannot continue to support the people who need our help the most, those who are fighting their own battles against cancer!! Your support makes the difference!!! Thank you!


In the summer of 2017, 21 intrepid warriors began their journey  to Fight for Cancer – Round 3!!!!! Most of them new to the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, most of them totally unprepared for what lay ahead!!! Anyone who was at the Mountbatten Centre on Sat 14th October, saw a night filled with entertainment, raw emotion and top quality white collar boxing, a credit to our boxers, all our fantastic coaches and the great support team we had to guide our boxers along the way.

However, this only tells a part of the story, it doesn't convey the pain, the struggles, the self-doubt that was experienced along the way, but without those difficult times the end of the journey wouldn't have meant so much. The low points made the final highs feel higher and having spoken to most of our boxers since fight night, the evening itself was memorable but add on the hours of intense training, the special bond within the group, the sense of self achievement and you have the recipe for something special.

Every year we try to evolve the event, this year we were fortunate to have four incredibly brave, courageous and motivated young ladies fighting and that seemed to give the event an extra something. If you saw their match ups, they were three of the best fights of the evening. Well done ladies.

We had fighters overcoming adversity, some battled through injuries, most fought in memory / support of family or friends who have been affected by cancer, some experienced lifestyle changes that have continued long after the event was over. Wherever their individual journey took each one of them put on a show that they should be proud of!!

This year, we go again…….
Every boxer has their own reasons for taking part, normally very personal to them. This sense of personal drive, honour and love pushes people to go above and beyond – to raise the bar, as with all previous years the ‘Class of 2017’ certainly did that.

So if Fight for Cancer – Round 4 is something that you would be interested in doing, get in touch, if you’re not sure that this is for you then please take time to read some of the words below from this year’s team. So if you want to get fit, want a change in lifestyle or simply want to challenge yourself and whilst doing this remembering or supporting a friend or family member and their battles against cancer, then this really is the event for you!!!!!!!
“We trained together, we fought together, we are FFC together. All victorious no matter who won xx”
“Met as strangers left as family ”
“Inspirational, emotional forever in my heart”
“Loved every minute and all the people involved ”
“Fantastic charity amazing people brilliant times top experience❤️ffc”
“An honour to be part of such an inspirational event, we all raised an amazing amount of money and made some excellent friends at the same time.”
“Sharing blood sweat and tears could never be more enjoyable with this FFC family ❤️”
“Loved every single second!! Money raised was amazing ffc ”
“Gaining confidence, ditching egos, gaining fitness, ditching weight, gaining self-est eem ditching anxiety, gaining friends, ditching drama but most of all gaining family, respect and solidarity all in the name of FFC! Best thing I’ve been a part of, not only did it give
me a lot back it helped me give back to others ”

For a lot more information please click on the link to be taken to the Facebook page for 'Fight for Cancer' 


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